Extremeñas meadows Equestrian Center was founded by Vidal Carreño Toboso

an entrepreneur who, after a lifetime devoted to work, encouraged by his friends also fond of riding, decided to open the first club of horse riding in Navalmoral de la Mata in 1989, in order to share with the people the love for horses and to promote this beautiful sport.

So he made his hobby his life, and of many at that time, they accompanied him and remain today along with new generations of horsemen and horsewomen.

Vidal Carreño was not an academic rider; He learned of what long gallops and own horse taught him, but knew how to inculcate respect for the animal as the greatest of experts. Each year, at the feria del caballo de San Miguel de Navalmoral de la Mata, a tribute is dedicated for his work and development in the field of horseback riding in Extremadura.

Vidal Carreño Suárez, the second of their four children, from small was clear that he would devote all his life and his effort to horse riding.

He spent several years learning with the rejoneador Leonardo Hernández, and spent summers in a horse-riding in Madrid. At the age of 19 had already taken control of the business from his father, with the unconditional support of this.

It became the high competition in the discipline of Raid up to bronze medal team in the Championship of Spain of 1995 and other national and international triumphs with his horse mouse.

Vidal Carreño Toboso

It followed dedicated to dressage of horses, always classified in the Doma Vaquera competitions. Now think about return to competition; Although it devotes most of its work to private horse Taming and riding lessons.

Extremadura rangelands is today, the only equestrian centre in the area where you can find wonderful routes on horseback, with well tamed and calm horses for all levels; Pony club, where we teach kids to love riding; Advanced riding lessons; Dressage saddle and attachment; boarding for horses; and advice on the buying and selling of horses.

In addition, we are part of the Association of breeders of horses Pura Raza Asturcon (A.C.P.R.A). The Asturcones are ponies C, thick mane, wonderful nature and incredible strength. They are assembled by children and adults, with them we do horse riding initiation, initiation in dressage, jumping and hitch. They are really versatile.

With this web site, our intention is to make part of our work, and take to every corner a bit of the wonderful Extremaduran Dehesa riding. We invite you to join us for any of our activities.

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