Monfragüe National Park. Biosphere reserve. Biosphere Reserve Spain
Panoramic Biosphere Reserve

Would you like to know the Monfragüe National Park on horseback?

Monfragüe National Park. Biosphere reserve

Through this spectacular biosphere reserve on horseback with meadows Extremeñas.

The largest and best preserved extension of Mediterranean forest in the world. Among the rough mountains of the valleys of the Tajo and Tiétar there are plenty of rocks, holm oaks, forest and Mediterranean scrub as well as reservoirs and streams that make up a typically Iberian landscape which makes possible the existence of diverse fauna and flora.
From the jump of the Roma you can comfortably observe the black storks, vultures, owls, vultures and Imperial Eagles, among many other birds that nest in trees and cliffs.

Biosphere reserve

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Trek on horseback Monfragüe National Park

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Catalog of Trek on horseback from 3 days to Monfragüe National Park, biosphere reserve. Biospehere Reserve of Monfragüe. Trek on horseback in Spain. Ecuestrian Tour Spain, Tour National Park of Monfragüe.
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Trek on horseback Monfragüe technical data:

Horse breeds: Crusader

Mount: English

Minimum level of rider: bass

Days/hours of riding: 3 days / hours aprox.

Two sports technical guides on horseback

Languages: Spanish and English

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