Monastery of the Emperor Carlos V

Carry out the route of the Emperor Charles V horse?

At the age of 55, the King of Spain and Emperor of Germany, suffering from gout, was heading to Cuacos de Yuste transported on a makeshift Chair made from a bunker.

The King chose Cuacos de Yuste due to its gentle climate and the location of a monastery of the order of Saint Jerome, where would they give him burial.

Horse riding in Extremadura

Currently, the route that the Emperor Carlos V toured until arrival at the monastery, is offered by meadows Extremeñas combining history and nature in a single route on horseback by the region of La Vera.

You can learn more about the route accessing our catalogue:

Catalog path Emperor Charles V

Technical data of the route:

Race horses: Crusader

Mount: English

Minimum level of rider: bass

Days/hours of riding: 3 days / hours aprox.

Two sports technicians at riding guides

Language: Spanish and English.

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Extremadura on horseback
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